How to create an .exe file your publication

Step 1. Create project

Click "New" button on top of main window to create a new project for your publication, and you will be prompted to select PDF or image files you want to convert to digital publication.

new project

After selecting the PDF or image files, the publication will be created for you and ready to be published.

Step 2. Publish

Click "Publish" button, you will see the following interface:

Publish your publication

To create an .exe file for your publication, please be sure to check "Create Self-Executed (.EXE) Version" item. Then click "Publish Now" button to publish your digital publication.

Step 3. Get EXE file

After publishing. you will see the following interface:


Please click "Open Output Folder" button, you can find the .EXE file from the "offline" subfolder.

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