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Create Flipbooks

Turn your PDF to stunning HTML5 flipbooks that can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android device and Windows phone/tablet. Support online and offline reading.

Create eBooks

ePageCreator can create eBooks in .epub and .mobi format, which can be read on eReaders including Kindle, iBook, Kobo, Nook, Sony and other e-readers.

Create Mobile Apps

Build mobile apps and publish your publications to Apple Newsstand/Appstore and Google Play. You can create native apps for your publications in minutes without coding.

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After using another programme I done a search and came across ePageCreator. I found the trial really easy to use and was happy to buy the full version. So far I have published 2 magazines which both are available to read using any computer or you are able to read them on any android or apple phone. I would recommend this programme to anyone that would like to produce an online magazine.

Helena Rae

PDQ Design





Agentur Stilecht gmbh







We really like working with ePage-Creator. The great advantage of the ePage-Creator is that no prior knowledge of programming websites or similar is needed. We especially enjoy the quick and easy handling. By customizable themes and fast insert of Internet links you can quickly publish a high quality product. We also find the "Preview" very practical. ePage-Creator is a very helpful tool.

Andreas Giese

PDQ Design





Azure Design, Inc.







We viewed many top leading software programs and chose ePage Creator for our newly launched animated magazine for eTechbeat ( We have been extremely pleased with the final product and the service we have received with the many questions we had when we were publishing our first issue. ePage has always responded quickly to our questions and has even provided direction and updates to design elements we wanted to implement within the magazine. So far, 4 issues after our initial launch, we are very pleased with the product and the manner in which the company handles its customer service. We highly recommend ePage Creator to anyone seeking to produce an e-magazine for self or product information.

Tina Kramer, Amy Ahrens and Bruce Ahrens

PDQ Design





Author of It's Not Just Business







As an author of several books, and as an attorney/entrepreneur, I use ePageCreator quite regularly. I use it to generate previews, web books, private review copies and other documents that I wish to show or share with prospective customers and investors. It is easy and fast and helps me to look completely professional and on top of my game. Moreover, since I own the software, I can make unlimited variations and make changes any time I wish. I believe that this has been a great investment and I highly recommend it.

Mark Nicholas



ePageCreator is a professional flipbook software to create stunning HTML5 flipbooks. You can turn your PDF and image files into digital page flip publications in minutes. ePageCreator is available for both PC and Mac and will be installed locally into your computer. So you have full control of your flipbooks. You are able to host them on your own website or any other websites. You can also put them on CD/DVD, USB drive and any other offline media for offline reading.

Our flipbook software uses pure HTML5 technology and create HTML5 flipbook for all devices. This feature allows users to view your flipbooks on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android smartphone & tablets and other mobile devices. Flipbook has the ability to detect devices automatically to provide the right version.


Host all the publications created with ePageCreator on your own websites or any other servers. You control everything including domain and URL of the publication. If you don't have a website. Don't worry. We provide hosting space for very low cost. For any questions, just contact our customer service. You will get the answer very soon.


With ePageCreator, you are able to create as many publications as you want. You can also add as many pages as you want into a publication. Unlimited publications, unlimited pages. Totally unlimited.


You are not only able publish your flipbooks to a website for people to read online. You can also pubish your publications into mobile device, hard drive, USB drive and CD/DVD for offline reading. For those readers who want to view your publications on a mobile device including smartphone and tablet without internet connection, we provide a free app for them to download/transfer flipbooks into their devices.


Currently we offer more than 20 themes for different style publicaion. These themes are totally free to use. We will continue to add more professional themes on our website for you to download free of charge. Here is the link to download more themes . Of course you are allowed to create your own themes if you want.




A few highly realistic 3D Bookmarks make your publication more
professional, more interactive and easier to access. Your audience
can fast access to respective pages of the flipbook.






ePageCreator's Sticky Notes allow you to quickly write
something down when reading. The note will be saved
on reader's computer. It can be read, moved, edited or
deleted easily. 














Is it a good idea to highlight the important words in a
publication? Use ePageCreator's Highlighter to mark
and find important text in your publication couldn't be easier.  














Expand your audience through iOS app and Android app. We provide app creator software - Mag2GO, which allows you to create your own magazine app in minutes. No coding required!