How to upload your publications?

This guide will show you how to upload a publication to your website with built-in uploader. Before uploading, please publish the publication to your PC firstly. The following link is the guide to show you how to publish the publication to your PC.

Create publication with ePageCreator

Please note that the Standard version of ePageCreator does not include built-in uploader. If you are using ePageCreator Standard, please use a FTP client software to upload your publications, such as filezilla. or just use Windows Explorer/Mac Finder to upload them.

Step 1. Start Uploader

Once publishing your publication, you will get the following dialog. Just click "Upload" button to start uploading your publication.

After clicking "Upload" button, you will see the following dialog.

Step 2. Input FTP Information

If you are first time to use this uploader, please click "Add" button to add your FTP account information. You will see the following dialog after clicking "Add" button:

Publish your publication

In this dialog, please enter the necessery information of your FTP account. You can click "Select" button to select the remote folder once inputing your host address, user name and password. Finally click "OK" button to save your FTP account and exit this dialog, you will see the following interface.

Step 3. Start Upload

Once completing your FTP information, please click "Start Upload" button to upload your publication. You will see the following dialog after clicking "Start Upload" button:


Step 4. Get link

When the upload process finished, you will see the following message:

In this window, you can find the online URL (link), which can be used to view your online publication or share your publication by sending it to other people.

Note: You can click "Copy URL to Clipboard" button to copy the link to clipboard and paste it into your email message or any other place for sharing.

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